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Op woensdag 17 oktober spreken Simon van der Linden van Monobanda en Gable Roelofsen van Het Geluid Maastricht over hoe ruimte en omgeving ons handelen dicteren.

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Enterprise Europe Network Danmark EU-midler kan gøre en kæmpe forskel. Danske HPNow ApS har høstet midler via SMV-instrumentet til både test og markedsmodning – og har oven i købet fået en ekstern investor ombord som følge af coaching-delen i programmet.

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TUA West - Technische Universitaire Alliantie West-Vlaanderen TUA West, een extern agentschap van de Provincie West-Vlaanderen, vervult een liaisonfunctie en brengt bedrijven, kennisinstellingen en overheden samen in een triple helix configuratie.

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Tipping - Odds og live odds. Få 500% i innskuddsbonus. Unibet tilbyr tipping på odds og live odds på et bredt spekter av sport over hele verden. Registrer deg i dag og motta en innskuddsbonus på 500%!

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ALUMINIUM 2018 | ALUMINIUM 2020 Dr. Gerd Götz - European Aluminium “The ALUMINIUM trade fair is a must for any company or association working for such a vibrant sector. We see an incredible wave of technological evolution and positive growth that is driven by a more sustainable and smart world.

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Hjem | BIT Teatergarasjen BIT Teatergarasjen er produsent og co-produsent av internasjonal samtidskunst innen teater og dans.

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Home — AIRTEC 2018 Selected Exhibitors AIRTEC 2018 Preliminary Exhibitor List 2018 “AIRTEC meets expoAIR” (as of 17 OCT. 2018) PARTNERs, SPONSORs AND SUPPORTERs 2018 Bronze Partner Partner Country Israel Message of Greeting Welcome to Airtec 2018 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Germany’s economic success is rooted in the innovative strength of its industry.

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Evenementen - kvk.nl Events. In dit overzicht vind je alle bijeenkomsten en evenementen georganiseerd door KVK en haar partners. Wel zo handig, want sommige evenementen worden op meerdere data en locaties gegeven.

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Bar Convent Berlin | Bar Convent Berlin 21. September 2018 Die Barszene blickt nach Berlin: BCB steht in den Startlöchern. Im Oktober blickt die Barszene nach Berlin, wenn der BCB erneut die wichtigsten Produzenten, angesagtesten Marken, Barbetreiber und Bartender aus aller Welt in die Hauptstadt...

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Pembrolizumab versus Chemotherapy for PD-L1–Positive Non. Pembrolizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody against programmed death 1 (PD-1) that has antitumor activity in advanced non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), with increased activity in tumors.

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